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What does being black have to do with it?

Submitted by on December 2, 2014 – 8:46 amNo Comment

DeWayne Wickham wrote a piece for USA Today about Elizabeth Lauten’s Facebook post calling out the Presidents daughters for the way they were dressed at the annual White House turkey pardon. She was wrong, she admits it, and she’s resigned from her job as a communications director for some republican somewhere.
My question is why does Wickham have to play the race card? In his article he writes “In the best tradition of the GOP’s long-running personal assault on the nation’s first black president,” I don’t see anywhere that Lauten mentions anything about anyone being black. What does being black have to do with the Obama girls being called out for the way they dress in the national spotlight? Past presidents children have been the subject of many put downs. He’s the president, he’s a democrat, republicans try to discredit democrats where ever and when ever they can.
The flames of racial inequality still burn bright in this great nation. No question, it needs fixing. How about we start by just referring to Obama as “The President” and spend less time pointing out he’s the first black president. Unless of course that fact has something to do with the circumstances. No one feels sorry for him. Do we cut him some slack because he’s the first black president, no we don’t. We hold him to the highest standards we have, just like every other President of the United States.

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