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Nice Effort

Submitted by on April 17, 2013 – 8:57 amNo Comment

Boston StrongI read that the Yankee’s were planning on playing Sweet Caroline during their game last night to show support for Boston. What a great gesture on their part. Yankee stadium was draped with banners to show that we all stand together when it comes to terrorism.

My Facebook had a post this morning with the video of Yankee Stadium during the song. I think everyone would have been better served if the camera man stayed on the people who actually gave a crap about what the Yankees were trying to accomplish. In the humble opinion of Will Wright, cutting to people in the crowd that clearly couldn’t have cared less, was a mistake. I do love the idea that the Yankee’s showed some love for Boston. God knows we showed the love for them after 9/11 and I’ll always love NY.

Oh well, back to the greatest rivalry in sports.

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